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31st March 2017 0

10 productivity tools to help you be awesome in your church media job

Lots of people think that working for the church is a piece of cake; that you spend all day chatting, praying…

21st October 2016 0

Online Church – are we robbing people of a God-designed community?

It’s no secret that we live in a technology-driven, media focussed world. This can present some challenges to the church, but…

19th August 2015 0

A free tool to ensure you always have great grammar

When your job involves regular use of social media, blogging, web work, print publications and church communication, it’s super important to…

6th August 2015 0

A great resource for stage design ideas

We recently stumbled across a great little website that deals with one aspect of ‘digital’ church that is not talked about…

21st April 2015 0

Industry Interview: Caleb Groeneweg

Our next industry interview is with a close friend of ours and a church media guy who is making a huge impact in the UK….

17th April 2015 0

Industry Interview: Panji Kaonga

Panji Kaonga is a London-based media genius; particularly skilled in video production (including directing, editing, shooting, lighting and post-production). He has…

14th April 2015 0

Website review: Elevation Church’s homepage

If you’ve not heard of Elevation Church by now then you really need to look them up! They’re leading the way…

9th April 2015 0

Industry Interview: Dave Perkins

Dave Perkins is a great friend of ours and a real trend-setter when it comes to church media. He is creative,…