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The rise of Facebook feels like a long time ago now, and many people would consider it just a normal part of every day life. If you have been wondering about whether you should create a Facebook page for your church, look no further! Here’s our top 5 reasons why you should bite the bullet and set one up today.

  1. Almost everyone is on Facebook.

    It’s no secret that the majority of people have a Facebook profile. With this said, it seems like a no-brainer that your church should join the revolution. If you are actively looking for ways to reach more people and see them come along, your Facebook page is an essential tool to do so. Friends of friends will see posts that are shared from your page and you have the ability to target a huge audience; arguably more so than any other means of communication.

  2. Facebook Vs Website

    The type of content that you are likely to put on Facebook will be different to that of your church website. You can use your Facebook page to post video clips, blog articles, statuses that are more personal and directed at church members etc. The type of content is likely to be a lot more personal, relaxed and friendly whereas your website is likely to be more professional, more formal, informative and will contain more background information about the church. Use Facebook to gain a sense of community and to form a real social network of church members.

  3. Social engagement reports

    Much like twitter, Facebook pages allow you to see reports of how your audience are engaging with you. You can monitor which statuses receive the most views, shares and likes and you can use this information to help you to decide what sort of status to post next.

  4. Go viral!

    Facebook posts can be shared millions of times by people all across the world. At the moment, video content is the big winner of the Facebook world and most people enjoy engaging with entertaining videos.Why not use this to your advantage and post videos of people’s testimonies, healings and miracles. You can let the world see the power of God at work by simply posting a video to Facebook.

Do you have any other tips on using Facebook effectively in your church? Let us know by commenting below.

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